Dr. Brucella Jordan

Dr. Brucella Jordan is a retired history professor, co-founder, and curator of the African American Heritage Family Tree Museum in Ansted West Virginia, Director of the Norman Jordan African American Arts and Heritage Academy, and a Chautauqua scholar who portrays the socialist activist Ida B. Wells, and the Harlem Renaissance poet Anne Spencer.

She holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in History from West Virginia University. The wife of poet Norman Jordan, and the mother of four children and six grandchildren (The Jordan Clan).

Dr. Brucella Jordan has released 2 books, “Anne Spencer: Poet of the Harlem Renaissance” which features illustrations by Richard Fitzhugh 

and “FLASHBACK: Poetry and Commentary”

both of these books are available on Amazon, click here to buy one of her books.

To book Dr. Brucella Jordan for a presentation or performance contact her at brucella45@live.com

The African American Family Tree Museum

The Norman Jordan African American Arts and Heritage Academy